Popular TV Shows for College Students Worldwide

Thursday, May 16, 2013

If I will check on the statistics of surfers all over the world, tons of them will be coming college students who have access of the net at their school and at home. This is the reason why they are one of the number one users on the web who love to search and watch TV shows online.

Now the following are lists of what I think college students would love to watch online from their school, and home through their desktop PCs or laptop via Wifi or local network.

  • The Vampire Diaries - Of course, this will be on the list. Who's college students right now who does not know about the gorgeous vampires and sexy characters from the Mystic Falls. Almost everyone of them love Elena, Stefan and Damon. Correct me if I'm wrong. :)
  • Teen Wolf - Dark creatures are really "IN" with the teens. Asks "Twilight" guys and you'll see what I mean and Teen Wolf from MTV will surely loved by these monster lover kids/teens viewing them online specially that they can't watch it on TV during its time slot. Maybe because they are doing their assignments or simply because their parents are watching something else.
For now, these two TV series is the first two shows that I will be including in the popTV list I got here. If you have any suggestion about shows to be added on the list, just leave a comment below containing the title of the series plus its brief description and reason why you like it.

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Anonymous said...

yup, This one is my too favorite show. but i didn't getting time watch it. anyway thank you so much for the article and after read this. i am really interested to watch more episodes

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