Do Study Habits Make Good Grades?

Monday, November 14, 2011

Ever since the world began, our perception of having good grades is through the result of working hard or studying hard rather. Do you really believe that a good study habit can make good grades? Of course, having a good study habit really pays, but a certain research study reveals that there are no relationship between the study habits of students and their academic performance.

Have you noticed? There are some students who have no study habits at all but still, they are able to have, if not high grades, average marks. These are the people who have the potential to excel if they will just exert more effort. In short, they are born intelligent so they will need less effort in burning their midnight candles. Y just listening to the lessons that their professor is discussing or simply being present during class hours, a person can already make good grades because of remembering and understanding thoroughly his or her lessons. But I am not saying that these people do not need to study anymore because admit it or not, it really helps when we try to recall al our lessons through reading our notes because not all that we have digested while listening to our lessons are a hundred percent retained in our brains. You still need to refresh your minds to prepare for the tests in school such as the written exams. 



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