Do’s and Don’ts in a College Interview

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The stressful college interview really gets into the nerve of every student because they consider this as one of their college admission requirements. Meaning, it contributes a lot for you to get into the college of your choice. You only have one chance to make a good impression to the college admission counselors or the college admission assistance so make the most out of it. So to help you easily get through the college interview, then you must remember the do’s and don’ts in a college interview.


  • ·         Do prepare for the possible questions that will be asked from you and practice your answers at least a night before the interview.
  • ·         Do avoid distractions that might affect your preparation for the interview. Turn off your mobile phone or avoid attending parties or gimmicks a night before.
  • ·         Do dress neatly and smartly. As much as possible, avoid wearing jeans or shirts because it is a big No-No in an interview. To be safe, try to be conservative.
  • ·         Do wait for the chair to be offered before sitting.
  • ·         Do shake hands firmly.
  • ·         Do introduce yourself in a formal manner. Greet the interviewer by title and last name. Greet every person with courtesy.
  • ·         Do some asking, but in an intelligent manner, especially on the things which concern the school. This will give the interviewer the idea that you are interested in their school.


  • ·         Don’t be late. You must arrive at least 10-30 minutes early before the interview. A day before, you must already know the venue where you will be interviewed at.
  • ·         Do not be over familiar with your interviewee.
  • ·         Do not forget to stress out all your achievements. Always remember that this is your chance to present every good aspect about yourself may it be in academics, discipline, extracurricular activities, etc.
  • ·         Don’t make your own schedule for the interview. Make yourself available and do not give the interviewer another option for you to be interviewed with.
  • ·         Don’t forget the interviewer’s name, as much as possible, because he might feel insulted when he or she knows it.
  • ·         Do not look so stern or serious. Try to give a pleasant smile upon entering the room.
  • ·         Do not give very simple answers to the questions. If you are asked with a question answerable by yes or no, you need to elaborate your answers.
  • ·         Don’t lie, for crying out loud. Always remember that the college admission counselors will really know it if you are lying to them. Answer each question honestly. 


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