A Winning College Experience: Going Through the Battle of Failures

Monday, November 21, 2011

There is a famous saying that states that you cannot taste the sweetness of success if you have not tasted the bitterness of failure. Indeed, you will not learn something new if you have not committed a mistake. But I am not saying that learning only come from mistakes; rather, mistakes always make you learn new things. Success always comes from failure and nobody can claim that he or she has never ever experienced any failure at all.

Even when we were still in College, we have already experienced a lot of failures and some of us ended up being a failure until the end because of easily giving up. College life is filled with a lot of challenges and trials and if you were not able to surpass all of these at first, you will end up being a failure. So how can you avoid it? No one can really help you win this battle against failure but yourself, though you may still need the help of other people, but it basically starts from you. Do not just settle on what your heart or mind tell you; try to listen to other people also, especially those who are more experienced than you like your professors and seniors.

In about a hundred of endeavors that we take, the greater percentage ends in failure. We can’t really tell exactly why we can still succeed despite of the numerous failures. The fact is, there is a tangible line between success and failure. And each person, may it be the college student, to view the line based on his own perception. 

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