How to Choose the Best Topic for a College Essay

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Just like most writers, it is really a dilemma at first before writing any article the topic that you will write about. It is also the same thing with your college application essays. The freshly grad high school students are certainly having hard time of choosing a topic for their college essay because it is one great factor for them to pass the college admission if they have a strong college essay.

The college admission process is very tough. Some students can easily pass it especially if they have good and high grades during high school or if they scored high in the college admission test. However, those who are borderline of either being accepted or rejected from the college or university they are applying to can still have hope of being included on the slot if they have strong and excellent college essay. But what are you going to write about?

When choosing a topic for your college essay, you should consider the things that the college counselors wanted to know about you aside from what is already reflected elsewhere in your application like your personal information, biographical data, etc. Maybe you could write an essay about the person who influenced you or an experience that reflects why you have that kind of personality right now. Another thing, probably you can write about a social, political, or religious issue happening in the society right now that really caught your attention. Or you can also write about a TV or movie character that really reflects how you behave or act in some way or another. These and a lot more interesting and definitely not dull topics can help you, somehow, be admitted in the college or university you wanted to attend to so good luck! 


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