How to Combat Stress Brought by College Admissions

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

After graduating from high school, probably the first thing that comes into your mind is to choose the best college or university that you think can help you reach your dreams and find a good job after college graduation. It is just normal, my friend. Almost all professionals underwent through this very stressful stage wherein they must find a college that suits them best and a college that has great standard and quality of education as well.

But you might have forgotten something. You forgot that it is not you who mainly chooses the college that you can attend to, but the college you apply with will decide if they will choose you. There are certain colleges and universities that really screen all their college admission applicants because they are looking for only top students who can be potential achievers and become assets of the school. Thus, what you need to do is to sell yourself but before that, you must see to it that you have good credentials and highly recommended status based on your college admission requirements. I know that it’s hard and it is just like a competition in applying for a job, but you must really work hard for it.

You must already prepare for college before graduating from high school. You must make good grades, engage in many extracurricular activities that you can join, and cooperate in all the activities of you school. Just try to build yourself as easily as high school because just like what an old saying says. “the early bird catches the early worm”. 


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