Tips on How to Skin the College Admission Tests

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fresh high school graduates can’t do away with all the tensions brought about by the college admission process, and that includes ways on how to skin the college admission tests. It is definitely hard for a typical high school student to think about how to get high scores for their college admission tests because it only adds pressure to their preparation for the college admission process. They become very worried to the point they start to pressure themselves and begin to study almost everything. This results to information overload and this is not helpful. What a student must learn in terms of preparing for the college admission test is to only focus on the subjects that you think you are poor at.

Another helpful tip is to spend at least two-three hours of study everyday – you can do it on whatever part of the day that you think you can study best either in the morning, in the late afternoon, in the evening or late midnight. Aside from preparing your mental capacity, you also need to prepare your physical body. Take some time to eat nutritious foods because these can help your brain function well. Have some time to sleep and relax and most of all, seek some support system coming from your family, your friends, and most of all, from God. 


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