What's The Right Attitude When Applying For College?

Friday, December 30, 2011

Presumptuous! That's the very least you want to be! I mean, this is the first step of achieving your dreams to become rich, popular and or doing what you want to do for the rest of your life, and that it's not right to actually over think simple things like that for it will only give you a great amount of stress, not to mention the vast effort into putting them into thoughts.

I know that you are feeling the pressure of College and that it's your first time to actually step into the campus meeting familiar faces and or threatening people whom you do not know if you can trust or not! You have to calm down! Compose yourself, otherwise you will have that certain fear that will sure to last for days and or for the rest of your college life.

What to do? Well, it's pretty simple! you only have ease your mind and try to not think that objectively with people and or even the professors you will see. You see, this is the first thing you will have to do to be able to be accepted in College! There will be a lot of cross examination, including the written exams that will asses your skills if you have the intelligence to graduate school. If not, then you have no choice but to choose another college which will more or less be best fitted with you. But you know what!? Those things can be be overcome! That's if you know how to compose yourself!

What I mean by composing yourself is not of the literal! What i mean by  that is you have to be relaxed! Don't be so nervous and don't be cocky as well. Of course, for you to be able to feel that, you will and must look confident to! How? By looking good on the outside. Trust me on this one! Looks will definitely give you some edge which will make the professor consider your application a step higher than those who are not well groomed. After looking good, you'll feel that little by little you are feeling the confidence you need and that everything just flows perfectly. By that time, you can make sure that you have the right attitude that will make you stand out among the crowd, in a good way.


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