College Tips: Pushing Your Way to Top the Exam

Sunday, December 4, 2011

I know most of you students only wanted to pass the exam and do not really aim to top it. But mind you, when you top an exam, you will easily get good grades because it comprises a huge percentage of the grade of your particular subject. Also, it can only mean that you are studying your lessons well and you are prepared to any exam that you will take.

College life is not only submitting your college admission requirements and passing the interview. You also need to consider the college written examinations because these are more important compared to those two. But I am not saying that you should already neglect them because they are equally important.

Now, going back to college exams, you need to really push your way to Top the college major exams. Why? Because when you aim high, you will really work hard for it. If you will just aim to pass the exam, then it is either you really pass it or fail it. But if you aim to top the exam, then you either Top it or simply pass it. So if you were to be asked, which one will you chose?

Another important thing about aiming to TOP the college exam is the idea that once you are on the top of the list or when you are the first one on the rank, the colleges or universities will be hesitant to reject your college admission. Regardless of whether you did not do well on your college application essay or you were not that impressive in your college interview, you will still have an edge compared to other college applicants if you topped the college admission exam. 


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