Knowing the Proper Manners During the College Interview

Thursday, December 29, 2011

In a college interview, knowing what to wear and what questions to answer are equally important also in knowing the proper manners during the college interview. Your behavior, your actions, gestures, and the way you answer the questions are very important aspects when you are having a college interview. You must give good impression to the college admission officer during the entire process so that it won’t be hard on him or her to accept you.

The college interview is not just a simple portion of your college admission requirements because this could help you present yourself to the college admission staff. Through the college interview, you will be able to impress the ones responsible in accepting and rejecting college applicants and be able to make it to the college admissions. So how are you supposed to act during the college interview?

As what I have said, first impressions do count. Thus, you must remember to dress decently and neatly when going to a college interview. Don’t let the way you dress up get in the way of connecting with your interviewer. You really don’t have to get into extreme fashion to get the attention of the interviewer. All you need to wear are decent clothes and remember not to over dress.

Be on the venue on time and greet your interview upon entering the door. Do not be too loud and boisterous when answering questions, modulate your voice and do not appear as if you are too shy to answer. Sit erect and place your hands on your lap. Avoid unnecessary gestures. Lastly, do not forget to send a thank you letter to your interviewer. 


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