The Impact of Stress in a College Student’s Life

Thursday, December 8, 2011

If you can’t deal or cope with stress that easy, then you will definitely face a lot of consequences with it when the time comes. Almost each person experiences different kinds of stress in life, with the exemptions to infants and babies, of course, because they do not know yet what the meaning of stress is. But just to cut the discussion short, let us focus more on the stress being experienced by most college students. Just as everyone deals with stress in their unique and special ways, college students also experience a wide range of consequences ranging from mild to severe. So what do these college students get from stress?

Usually, the most common effects of stress results to the college students to try out different kinds of stuff that others say could help them forget about their problems that easy. An example of this is alcohol drinking and cigarette smoking and other forms of unhealthy habits. It’s just not helpful at all my dear students.

Another inevitable effect of stress is on weight issues. It is either you lose weight or you gain some when you are stressed. Usually because of depression during the first year of college, the students tend to gain about 10-20 pounds after the school year while there are also those who lose unintentionally while other struggle with eating disorders.

Also, the other consequence brought about by stress is dropping in college. You have probably heard of college students not graduation from college because of dropping out. Usually, the main reason why they drop out from school is because of the pressures and all types of stress they can hardly cope. Aside from the mentioned impacts of stress, there are still many more to mention, and probably the worst result that could happen is to commit suicide. That is the worst thing to happen. And we should not let it end in that way. 


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