Welcome Freshmen: Another Year of Creating Fresh College Memories

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Another school year is about to start and new faces will surely run along the college hallways and classrooms for their college admission process. Each newly grad high school students must undergo the college admission process if they really wanted to be enrolled the college or university that they are planning to enroll at. It is very stressful but more of exciting for some because this will determine if they are really eager to be accepted in a particular college. The college admission staff is just right there to assist them in case they needed help and guidance in terms of their college admission process and college admission requirements.

It is expected that most freshmen students admitted in a certain college or university will feel isolated, aloft and all alone in one corner especially when he or she really don’t have any familiar face to see among his or her new classmates. But this is part of the challenge in the first few days of your freshman year in college. You must break that chain of inferiorities and try to make new friends. Your first year in college is the most crucial year of all so it is definitely important for you to excel in all aspects during the freshman year. Try to get out of your shell and explore new things. If you were not that active in extracurricular activities when you were in high school, then this is your time to shine. Try to join some clubs and orgs for a change. Engage in school activities more often for you to enjoy your college experience.


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