Choosing the Best Topic for a College Admission Essay

Monday, December 19, 2011

A college admission essay is included in the list of the college admission requirements that the college student must comply during the college admission process. Most of the students are worried on what to write in the college admission essay because admit it or not, all of us really hate writing an essay. Writing is definitely one of the hatest activities of most students. What do you think will be their initial reaction if they learned that one of their requirements for the college admission process is writing a good college essay? How will they be able to make an effective college essay?

A good college essay starts by choosing the best topic that you could write about in your essay. So how do you do it? We all know that the college essay gives us the freedom to choose whatever topic we wanted to write about, but we must also be cautious in choosing the best topic for a college essay. Be careful not to abuse the freedom of choosing any topic that you want. Having unlimited choices does not mean that all topics are appropriate, nor does it mean that you can submit anything that does not suit to be called an essay. Do not include too much comedy in your essay, but a little touch of humor will do. Despite of what topic you might choose, you must remember that your essay must reveal your personality, your character and the reasons why you’d make a good campus citizen to the college or university you are applying at.


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