Useful Tips on Writing a College Admissions Essay

Monday, December 5, 2011

When asked to write an essay, the most common reaction of every student is to panic and cram on what to write. They tend to be bothered especially on how to start writing a college essay. Do not worry, just relax! Check out on these useful tips that you may use in writing a good college admissions essay.

You can write a good and effective college essay by keeping your focus narrow and personal. A great application essay must present a vivid, personal, and compelling view of you to the college admissions counselors. Your essay must prove your point at the very start or in the introduction of your college essay and do not add unnecessary discussions. You must see to it that the one who will read your essay must be able to find the main idea and follow it from the beginning to end.

You must be honest and sincere on the things that you say on your essay. Develop your main idea with vivid and specific facts, events, quotations, examples and reasons. Avoid putting unnecessary words in your essay. Do not state the obvious. Try to be creative in some way but do not be out of the topic. Don’t write a resume. Meaning, you must not write anything that is already stated in your application.

College application essay is just one of the many college admission requirements that you need to submit so make the most out of it for you to be included on the list of accepted applications in a certain college admission. To help you effectively write a college essay, then you must follow the few useful steps I have mentioned above. 


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