Duties of a College Admission Counselor

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

You are probably wondering why there are college admission counselors and what their duties are for the incoming college applicants during the college admission process. Well, I tell you that the duties of the college admission counselors are really important and helpful for the students. They play an important role in helping the high school students make their way through the college admission process of particular colleges and universities.

When they are making partnerships with senior high school students, the college admission counselors must have a wide range of knowledge about the precise educational, vocational and certificate programs that might as well provide interest to the students after they graduate from high school. They should have knowledge and deeper understanding about the college applications and they should also be capable of assisting the students in getting the needed documentation that are needed for the college application process.

Aside from that, it is also the duty of the admission counselors to spend some time with the students during the entire duration of the college admission process and must help the students choose the high school courses they should take that will meet their college admission requirements. The college admission counselors are also the ones helping the students decide what programs are best suited for their career goals. They are also expected to conduct career guidance programs to promote their schools to the senior high school students and to their parents. They are the ones providing information about their college or university and convinces the students why they should choose their school for their college education. 


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