Effective Tips on How to Get into College

Sunday, November 27, 2011

To be honest with you guys, there is actually no formula for you to assure you’re getting into college or be admitted in the college or university you dreamed. There is no prescribed curriculum, says Marlyn McGrath Lewis, the director of admissions for Harvard College. He says that the general idea for you to get into the college of your choice is to take the most demanding courses that your high school offers because this can help you easily get into college, assuming that you can do well in them. However, you should also consider your limitations because no matter how you force yourself to a particular course yet can’t do better on it, it is still useless.

All you need to do in preparation for your college admission process is to study hard while you are still in high school and establish the college major that you really wanted to take. Spend most of your vacant time in reading, writing, and studying if possible because this can really help you get better, especially when it comes to communication skills. Also, you must work hard and double your effort to get good grades because having a high general average can make you stand out among the rest of the college applicants.

Aside from the academics, another aspect that also needs to be considered is the involvement in extracurricular activities, community public services, etc. A student cannot get into college by grades alone. There are also other requirements like your abilities and other hobbies. Your extracurricular activities are also a big help because this can determine how motivated you are and how you manage your time and still manage to get good grades. You still have a lot of time to build your resume for you to get into college so start as early as possible in your high school. 


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