A Fresh Start: Going Through Your Freshman Year

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Your College life wouldn’t be perfect if you have not undergone and surpassed your Freshman year. This article intends to gather some opinions on how their Freshman year was and what impact did it bring into their college life. This will guide the upcoming freshmen students on what to expect when the time comes that they already enter College.

The first day of freshmen years mark the beginning of another chapter into a student’s life. This is the time when they gain new sets of friends, new line of classmates, stricter and more serious professors, and a whole new environment to complete the scenario. Being a freshman is not that easy. It is like wandering across a vast ocean without knowing where you are heading. The only thing that you hold on is a dream and a desire to be able to excel somehow in your chosen field to finish. A day of expectations to some, and a day of hope to many.

Here are some of the most common convictions and sentiments of the freshmen students as to what they feel being a freshman:

·                   Interesting, because all things are coming unexpectedly.”

·         “There would always be pressure, but the word fun and camaraderie from other levels and the professors make us feel welcomed.”

·         It is very exciting because every step of the way is always a surprise. You always have to be emotionally and mentally prepared.”

·               “Freshman year is an adjustment stage; a period of discovering one’s talents and abilities.”

There you have it! Most of them are actually good and positive feedbacks so you don’t have to be afraid to enter your college. It’s just a matter of having fun and starting your college life right by making the most out of your freshman year. 


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