Getting Connected In College Through Your Smart And Stunning Looks

Monday, March 19, 2012

I bet that this is rather the hardest thing for someone to do! It's just that not everyone has what we call the "it" factor when it comes to making people want to want them not just because they're smart! This time around, we will be dealing something about the outside look and that's how much it plays in the society right now. Actually, this is the one that's making some people rise up from the other even though they are not that much! Confidence and looks it is! And now, you will get to know the secret of having a smart look that people in college will love.

First and foremost, what I want you to do is to not think of negativity whithregards to dressing up! Most often times, they tend to see it in a negative way like just showing off to girls! But you know what?! It's not! Some might actually do such thing to get girls and or to get attention, but this can be also used to get the attention of the college admission counselor in a college interview and or to gain more friends! Amit it or not, this is the one that plays a big role in the society right now, and that it's the perfect match when you are smart!

Now, what you will have to do is not to buy expensive dress at the mall. Rather, you will just have to know the perfect match dress for you in college. You have to know how to look good without spending too much! It's like a math problem and that it will make you think both critically and simple figuring out what's the best for you! This is like math and just like the time when you are trying to find the perfect college for you! All you have to do is to find what you are confident in wearing, making sure that it fits you and will not make you look like stupid.


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