Other Options For College Waitlisted Students

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Being on the waitlist is but a normal thing nowadays! It’s like all these colleges are trying to rank themselves higher by slashing out these very talented upcoming students! To tell you the truth, this is not even because you have a low grade and or you’re not the one they are looking for! It’s simply for the ranking and to make an impression that they are the best school ever! And right now, they have come up with a change of plan in which they don’t say no to students that fast! They put their names in the wait list section and that’s it!

What I’m going to talk to you about right now is about the options you can make when you are put into the waiting list section of your chosen college! You have to be open minded here! I mean, being on the wait listed section should and must not make you sad and or all that hopeless! Take this as an opportunity where you can explore more colleges out there! You will have to also remember that being on the waiting list may or may not give you that chance to enter the college! It’s a fact, and you have to live with it!

The one thing you should do whenever you see your name on the waiting list is to make a college resume and find another college that is right for you! A college that is willing to have you in their school and that they are more willing to give upcoming students a chance to show what they can really do! Who knows, this might actually  the college that best suits you rather than pushing yourself to that college who’s put you into their waiting list and that there’s no clue whether or not they will call you back!


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