Determining the Number of Colleges You Should Apply

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

When you are about to enter college, the first thing that you have in mind is to study in one of the most famous and high-standardized schools in the state. However, you are not that confident that you will be admitted to the college of your top choice, thus, your tendency is to apply for a few more colleges, the next top colleges and universities on your lists. But the question here is that, how will you be able to determine the number of colleges you should apply? Should you only apply in one college? Two? Three? Or more?

Before you send your college applications to almost every college or university within your state or country, you must first determine if it’s all worth it. Try to think of your time, your money, and the effort that you will invest in applying on all the colleges in the nation. Some will just be a waste of time. You must keep in mind that you are not allowed to study in two different schools all at the same time. Thus, at the very beginning, you already need to make up your mind as to where you wanted to apply and get enrolled at.

Try to list the top schools that you wanted to enroll and focus first on the top three colleges on your list. If you were not accepted on the first try, then proceed to the next school on your list and so on. This will help you maximize your focus to your top bet among other votes.


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