Does Drinking Lead to a Serious College Problem?

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Some people say that there is no problem with drinking unless you drink moderately, however, when you are just on your college degree and yet you are already drinking excessively, that could become a big problem. 

Drinking too much alcoholic beverages is highly discouraged to the college students. Drinking can cause too much harm and damage and it can lead to failures most of the time. Alcohol drinking can lead you to no good and it will just ruin your life. Excessive alcohol drinking can cause too much damage in your brain cells and thus, this can affect your focus and concentration on your studies.

Also, another basic example is the focus and attentiveness you have in school. Say for example, you drink too much a night before and you’ve had hangover the following day. Do you think you can still perform well the following day if you have hangover? You will probably sleep in your close the whole day if that’s the case. How will you be able to answer your quizzes or finish your projects then? This is going to be a huge problem.

You are not forced drinking alcohol, but it is highly recommended for you to do so, especially when you are just in your college years. Alcohol drinking will simply hinder you from becoming successful so if you don’t want that to happen, then you must avoid alcohol and focus on your notes and lessons instead. 


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