The Cure To Your College Frustrations

Monday, January 16, 2012

There are many reasons why a college student gets frustrated. We all know that being a College student is not an easy job. How you do in your College days will predetermine what future you will be having. Some students gets frustrated in getting a low grade or worst failing a subject. Maybe some of you are wondering why do they get frustrated by just failing a subject. Failing a subject in a college course means re enrolling that certain subject again, so you will be spending another semester to enroll that subject. And if you miss or fail even 1 subject during your college days you won't be able to graduate your college, even though that subject is a minor subject.

College life is way more different than your High School life. That's why many student gets frustrated. And some of those frustration results in quitting college or even worst committing suicide. Some gets frustrated if they are experiencing problems during they're college life, example is having a financial problems, a student who is experiencing financial problems cannot focus on his studies for he/she will be thinking of a way on how to solve his/her financial problem, some students resort in doing illegal acts such as theft or robbery just to solve they're financial problem, but that doesn't help but it worsen the problem. While some gets frustrated because they are being bullied at school and feel like quitting school. Some have problems with they're girl friends and boy friends.

These are some things that are sometimes cause of frustrations for college students. But remember that these frustrations can be overcome just by thinking positive and giving yourself a time to sit and relax, think of a better way on solving your problems. If you experience some of these problems during your College life think positive and always keep in mind that in every problem there is a solution. Having a problem doesn't mean that its the end of the line or end of the world for you. Think of those problems as a stepping stone to make you a better person. Do not loose hope even though it seems like you cannot handle it anymore. Think of a way, talk to your parents about your problem, ask for they're help and guidance. Or if you have a friend you can always go to him/her and share your problem, you'll never know maybe that friend of yours will be the key in solving your problem.

Managing your problem well will help you avoid frustrations, enjoy your college life, have fun while learning gain friends. If someone bullies you just smile and walk away. Remember that there are a lot of person in your school that can be your good friend. Avoid frustration and have fun while at school.


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