How To Avoid Flanking In Your Academic Subjects?

Monday, January 16, 2012

The number one problem of a student whether in College or in High School is, having a low average and worst Flanking. So many are thinking of ways on how to avoid flanking. Failing a subject is not a joke when it comes to a College Student. In some instances many are committing suicide if they ended up having a failing grade, and this is a very serious matter. There are many reasons why a student fails a subject, first is whether he or she doesn't give more time on her/his study. Second is because of the influence of his/her friends. Third is whether he or she is not interested in the course that he/she is enrolled. This are not only the reasons, but it would take time if I'd mention them all.
Of course if there's a problem there would always be a solution. To a student who doesn't give more priority to his/her study's, he/she should learn to give more time on studying, all it takes is a little hard work and patience. Setting up goals for yourself would help in giving you interest in studying. Better set up your own goal which is attainable for those students who have friends which are Bad influence, you should start forgetting about them or encourage them in giving more time in studying, if they don't listen to you remember that you can find much better friend than them, if they are a really good friend they would listen to you and try to think about their future than wasting their time in doing senseless thins.

And for those students who are enrolled in a certain course that they don't like, they should try to talk to they're parents and try to explain things. tell them that you are not interested in that certain course and tell them the course that you wanted to be enrolled at. Loving your course is very essential in passing that certain course, you should love what your are doing so that it would give a good result. The key to success in College is hard work and patience. Give more time in studying, giving more time to studies doesn't mean that you will be a nerd that doesn't know how to mingle with others.

What I'm saying is there is a right place and time for everything. when your in school or in school hours you should study, and when it comes to enjoyment you should also enjoy yourself. Studying and reading books all the time is kinda boring and tiring,  A college Student also needs to rest for a while and enjoy.


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