Is It Bad To Have High Hopes When It Comes To Getting Accepted In College?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Honestly, this is the worst thing a student could possibly think of when applying and or looking for a college. The thing is, you just don’t know what these colleges are thinking of! Another thing is that, they have lots of college applications coming from students who may or may not be better than you. That of course when you get to compare the GPA of your grades and or the things that you stand out! With that being said, you can never nor can have high hopes whether or not you get to be on the waiting list and or will be applying for the college you love.

I know what you are feeling! Advertisements and colleges who get to be mentioned a lot by some of your friends, teachers and or classmates are but the best. That’s more or less right and wrong! You have to remember that colleges differ from each other and that there are things you will have to consider before you get to have high hopes with them. One would be... are they the college who can offer you the best education when it comes to your chosen course of career. It’s just that, some colleges concentrates more on a specific field of career and that your chosen course might and or not on their list.

That’s the time where you will have to consider slashing them out of your list. You have to remember that certain colleges might and or might not offer the course you want to take. If that happens, then that’s the time that you will have to seek some college advice on what school you will attend to. This is going to be something that should and a must that’s if having a degree is important to you.


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