Monday, January 16, 2012

Some students fail or repeat a subject because they don't like they're Professors, that's why its hard for them to listen to that Professors during lecture time and often just play around and throw franks on that Professor. As a result they get dropped or get flanked on that subject. There are a lots of Professors on College. Which means a College student will be facing or mingling with different personalities. There are some lenient while some are terror. A college student should learn to adjust depending on the personality of they're Professor. Fighting back or throwing franks against the professor you don't like is the worst thing to do.

Try to control yourself, and try to stay away from those who throw franks against professors. If your professor is a terror you should try to have a low profile, avoid making mistakes and avoid going with the bullies. Just go with the flow, attend the class listen to the lecture pass the exams and your all set. You don't need to throw jokes on the professor if you don't like if and you don't need to skip classes to because if you do that you will also be the one to suffer its consequences. Just attend the class and study the subject. It would be more helpful if you go with the good guys in the classroom. Try to empress you Professor by getting a high score during quizzes and participating during class discussion.

Remember that as a student the impression of your college professor and your performance inside the school is very important if you want to pass a certain college course, so you should learn how to have a good relation with your professors. Having a good relation with your Professor would help you during your College days. It would help uplift your moral and give you more interest on that certain subject. Always try to think twice before you throw franks against your Professors, remember that your grades would always depend on them, good relation with your professor would mean good grade and bad relation would mean failing the subject. Knowing the Likes and Dislikes of your professor would help you have a good relationship with him, you can also greet him during special occasions. And more importantly be courteous and give respect to him by addressing him/her sir or ma'am. Give a good impression about yourself and you don't have to worry about a thing.


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