College Admission Strategies: Sell Yourself to Different Colleges

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

You are probably thinking of literally selling yourself to different colleges when you read the title above, but what I meant about this is to market your profile as one effective strategy in order for you to easily get in the college of your choice.

What the college admission assistance are usually looking forward in your college applications is the substance. But it won’t cost you too much work if you build your image a little bit more. So how will you be able to do it? This is where your student profile comes in.

You’ll probably ask what a “student profile” is. Well, you are not really going to fill-up a student profile form, but it is more like creating an image of yourself through a number of means. You are allowing the entire college admissions staff to get a clearer picture of you as a person and as a student in a slow motion. It is like having a mosaic principle.

One of the major factors in building up your student profile is through your application information. When you are providing the information they are asking in the form, don’t just simply dash off in answering it and instead, scan it thoroughly and better be sure before putting your answers.

Another thing that could help you building your profile is your college admission essay. Through this personal statement required by some colleges, it can help you outshine some of the college applicants. Make your college essay stand out from the rest by choosing the best topic and making it interesting. Include your character and personal traits that will make the school get interested in accepting you. Make your essay creative also and see to it that you have caught the reader’s interest when he or she will be reading it.

Through these things, you can have greater chance of driving a clearer picture of you based on your application. You will be able to stand out from the rest of the college applicants and you might even get a greater edge in the college admissions process


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