Waitlisted for College: To Stay or Not to Stay?

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When you apply for college in the middle of your senior year in high school, you are expecting to receive their reply before the school year ends. As soon as you receive your decision letter, you will find out if you are either accepted, rejected, or waitlisted. Yes, it’s not just a Yes or a No, but you can also receive a “maybe” answer in this matter.

What does it mean when you are waitlisted? It only means that you were not included in the fixed number of college applicants that they have accepted and you only have to wait for someone to back out from the college admission for you to get a chance for your application to be reconsidered. Still, the assurance is not fair enough. You have other companions in the waiting list where you can still have a competition with.

How will you act if you are wait-listed? Whether you decided to stay on the waiting list or not, your next step is to respond to the letter and let the college know if you are still interested t be part of their school or if you already give up your chance for a spot in their school. You can call the admission office and inform them or you may send them a letter. If you are really interested to go to that college, then it really makes sense for you to stay on the waiting list. But before you decide whether to stay or not, I think it is best for you to know first your chance of getting accepted in the college or university. But if you think there is no more chance for you to get into the college, then there is no need to stay also. What you need to do is to consider the colleges that accepted you and choose among them on what you think will serves you best. 


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