Effective Tips in Writing a College Application Essay

Sunday, February 5, 2012

You are trying to present a clear and compelling view of yourself to the college admissions staff by making an effective and great college admissions essay.  You really need to do great in your college admission essay because the college essay can round out the rest of your application and help you stand out from the other applicants. Here are some effective tips in writing a college application essay.
First, you must remember to keep your focus narrow and personal. You must organize your ideas and you must focus on a single topic only. When writing an essay, you must take note that its main purpose is for the reader to be able to find your main idea immediately and follow it from the beginning until the end. It is not about telling the committee what you have down, but more on showing them what you are as a person or as a student.
Also, you must see to it that you have developed your main idea with specific and vivid facts, events, quotations, examples and the like. Be specific with your details presented. Avoid using clich├ęd, generic and predictable writing. You must also use your creativity but in a more subtle way. Also, do not tell them what you think they already want to hear.
Do not make your college essay as if you are writing a resume! You don’t need to include information that is already found elsewhere in your college application. This is a big “No, No!” because it may end up sounding like a autobiography, travelogue, and the like instead of a college essay.
Last but not the list tip is to proofread your work. Typos and spelling or grammatical errors can be committed through carelessness or simply bad writing. It would be effective if you’ll also have someone to read it like your high school teacher or your parents. They can help. 


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