Being Yourself: The Most Important Thing to Do in a College Interview

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Since you don’t know what actually happens in a college interview, we suggest that the most important thing to do in a college interview is simply to be yourself and be true.
The purpose of a college interview is simply for the college admissions officers to get to know you as their college applicant better. Before they accept you, of course, they need to make sure that you do not have that fake personality that you think will impress them. It’s better to act naturally and honestly in front of them so that your first impression will last.

According to a college admission counselor, she said that “There is no ‘personality type’ or ‘lifestyle’ that is synonymous with a successful interview. Give your interviewer credit for being to discern if you’re being a phony.”
What you need to do is to get comfortable with yourself and be prepared to discuss your interests, talents and experiences to your interviewer. Also, you must think and focus on the interests you think best fit their standards for the courses they offer in their college. Another college counselor also says that those students who understand their wants and the qualities they desire in a college and who can voice out their needs allow for the best interaction during the college interview.
Below are the guiding questions you need to answer for yourself that best describes yourself as a student and as a person. If you think you can answer the questions, then you are now ready to present yourself in the college interview.
·         What are your goals?
·         How does this college fit in with your interests and talents?
·         What extracurricular activities are important to you?
·         Why do you want to attend college? Why this college?
·         What academic or intellectual topics interest you?
·         What types of books do you enjoy reading?
·         What majors are you interested in, and why?
·         What are you passionate about?


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