College Tips: How To Decide When You Get Wait-listed in College

Saturday, February 25, 2012

During senior years, many high school students are already waiting for a mail to pop-up in their mail box coming from the colleges they have applied to. These may either tell the student that he or she is accepted, rejected, or placed in the wait-listed. Some will receive happy news while others will get disappointed. However, some will also be asked to continue the wait because they are put in the waiting list.

What these students placed on the waiting list can do for the meantime is to decide early on whether he or she should stay on the list or not. Also, you can ask for the chances of your admission by contacting the admission office to find out if the college ranks the wait-listed students or if it has a priority list and if you are included on that list. This can help you decide whether to stay on the list or not. Aside from calling the school, you can also write a letter to the admission office to tell them that you are sure to enroll if they accept you.

Also, there are times when youare wait-listed, you may be re-evaluated based on your third or fourth-quarter grades so what you need to do is to study hard. Another thing is to stay involved by showing the admission officers that you are committed in sports, clubs, and other activities in your school. This might give them the impression that you are actually a potential student that they could admit in their college. Lastly, if there is no hope really, reconsider the colleges that accepted you and turn down the spot on the waiting list. Later on, you will realize that you just made the right decision after all. 


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