Why Parents Should Work “Hand in Hand” with College Admission Counselors

Monday, February 13, 2012

As parents, all you want is what’s best for your children, and when it comes to their college education, you also do the same. You know that it’s way too send your child in college but it is your responsibility and it is their right. In that case, a parent only wants to give the best education they wanted to provide for their child so in order for them to do that, they must work hand in hand with the College Admission Counselors in helping their child which college to choose.

Most of the parents basically rely on high school counselors to help them make the important decision of choosing the best college for their children. This is definitely wrong because you as parents are also part of this big decision. The best way to help your child find the best college to work with is to work with the college admission counselors.

By evaluating your child’s academic, personal and extracurricular performance in high school, you can already find the college suited for your child. Also, you can give your child advices that they can most likely hear from college admission counselors. Listen to what your child wants and respect it, but if you think the college is not best for him or her, then you can say it to him or her in a nice way where she can feel less disappointed. Also, take some of the stress out of the process by explaining each step of the way though the entire college admission process to you and your child. Through this special partnership, also, you can avoid having conflicts with your children because you were there, present while he or she is making a decision and you have heard what he or she really wants for his or her college education. 


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