US Congress Addresses Increasing College Costs

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Parents are usually worried when their children are about to enter the college level because they are thinking of the increasing college costs. So they are really thankful if their children can be included in scholarship grants or can avail financial aids because they can cut down their expenses and save the best for their children’s future.

In line with the problem of parents regarding skyrocketing college costs, the government has already gave an initial solution to this as the US Congress approved a complete change of the country’s higher education law in August 2008. Included in the provision of the bill is the requirement of the colleges and universities to report more information about their costs and prices. They say that those schools that are found to be providing the biggest percentage of tuition increases will have to immediately disclosed and given attention to. They will be asked as to why they need to comply such percentage increase in order to keep the costs in a lower level.

They also gave another solution to this problem by simplifying the federal financial-aid forms and making Pell grants for low-income students available year-round, rather than during the academic year alone. In this case, college students will somehow get financial aids for their college education and this could mean aiding them to reach their future dreams. 


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