College Essay Tips: Add Some Touch of Humor in Your College Essay

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Others may think that a college application essay really needs to sound serious and formal. To tell you honestly, it is really important for you to consider the formality and maturity of the content of you college essay, but that doesn’t also mean that you need to make it a little bit heavy for the college admission staff to read. They will just find it boring and uninteresting.

If you really want to get accepted in a particular college with the help of your college essay, then you need to lighten up your write-up by adding some metaphor, a well-placed witticism, or a little self-deprecating humor. However, if you are given the chance to add humor to your essay, you don’t have to overdo it. It will also sound a bit awkward and it will end up in the rejection pile. Just a little bit of it will do.

The next thing that you also need to keep in mind is the fact that when you add humor to your college application essay, it does not have to substitute for substance. The smile that you bring to the reader’s lips is just a bonus, but you have to remember that your primary goal is to make a great and effective essay by answering the essay prompt thoroughly. Just take it slowly when you are planning to write your college essay, starting from thinking of what topic to choose up to the point of already editing your work. Try to evaluate your work as if you are the one reading it. 


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