How Does Early Decision and Early Action for College Admission Help the Students?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Students usually decide on which college to choose or what college major to pick as early as junior or senior high school. However, some say that it is yet too early for them to decide on that stage because their decisions might change after a year or so. When is the best time for the students to decide for the college of their choice? When is the right time that they should start on their college admission process? How will the early decision and early action help the colleges and the students as well?

We have gathered opinions from some college counselors and this is the summary of the answers they have given us. One said that statistics speak for themselves in terms of the Early Decision issue. Many colleges or universities are enrolling a third or more of their classes in the Early decision process but in terms of the Early Action, colleges are being cautious in terms of offering admissions and if ever they really give opportunities, they make sure that those students are sure to be admitted in their college.

The college admissions counselorsays that ED is the process where you are telling a college that it is your first choice, thus, this can benefit the students and as well as the colleges. However, the students must still be aware that the college they are choosing will be their partner for their four years or more of their college education so they need to make sure that their first choice of college is already their top pick. Students should be careful not to let the pressure of getting in cause them to make a strategic choice that they will regret later. They still need to take caution when using the Early Decision and Early Action processes. 


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