Easy Tips in Writing a College Essay

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One of the hardest and the most important thing that you must do during the college admission process is writing a college application essay. For some, it is just easy to write, literally. But thinking on the words or thoughts that you will write is the hardest thing of all. Writing is very difficult especially because it requires a lot of work, understanding and thinking. But come to think of it, you must really work hard and submit a great college application essay because it often weighs heavily in grades and sometimes are required to get into schools or programs. Below are some easy tips in writing a college essay that might be helpful to you.

  • 1.       Learn how to budget your time and start early on your college essay. You can probably create a lot of essays and just choose what you think is best when you start early on your college essay. With this, you will have a lot of time to think, think and think.
  • 2.       Choose a good topic. Usually, the main idea of your essay helps you catch the college admission staff’s attention, allowing him or her read your work starting from the first paragraph up to the last.
  • 3.       Learn to organize your thoughts and your research materials. You must do some research and once you have selected some significant sources, you must learn how to organize the thoughts that you have gathered from different sources so that it will collaborate from each other and will not confuse your reader.
  • 4.       Check out for sample essays. If you can’t find a good sample essay in the web, then you can at least try to borrow the college essay written by your older siblings, your senior friends, and others. You don’t have to copy the entire essay because college essays are supposed to be personal. You just read other essays to help you understand how to organize and present the information.
  • 5.       Try to make a draft of your essay. This will allow you to proofread it and make some additional information if you are not satisfied of what you have written or change some grammatical errors that you have made before encoding it. Focus more in getting your ideas on the paper and instead of making your introduction and conclusion heavy. You can also make multiple drafts for you to really perfect the construction of your college essay.
  • 6.       Make use of the economy of words and clarity of thoughts. You must write your essay in a concise and clear manner.
  • 7.       Make it creative and interesting. Spend more time in doing your research and choosing the best topic. This could help you catch the reader’s attention and make them prioritize you in the college admission process. 


Cathyee lyones said...

Your tips on writing essay is informative. Student should write essay with extensive knowledge. They can write their essay with sophisticated synonyms, proper grammar as well as they can include their experience on this topics . They can make research paper for their assignment . Thus student can make innovative essay.

Edward Dowdell said...

Thanks for the useful and informative tips. Actually I am writing my essays project and getting important points from different blogs and forums and This is my pleasure to being here on this blog..

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