What to Include in Your College Application Essay

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

We tend to get stressed on the fact that we are going to write a college application essay and it just makes us sick and tired, especially when you have no idea what to include in your college application essay. Guess what! We’ll make it a lot easier for you because through this article, we will be giving some important tips on what to include in your college application essay.

First, you need to make a list of four things that best describes you. For example, indicate in your college essay if you are a leader, an athlete, you’re the eldest child in the family or you’re the first child to go to college or if you already run a business of your own. Next, you can also include the personal triumphs and challenges that you experienced in high school and even in your own personal life. Try to indicate also some experiences that made an impact on your life such as the church, traveling, work, your family, etc.

You can also cite some examples of what you have learned from a mistake you have committed or a trial that you have experienced. How about describing the difference when you are with your friends from being you when you are with your family? This might interest the college admission officers more. Also, you can describe the world you came from, your community, your former school, and your home. If you have a disability, then I suggest that you talk about it in the context of your ability to succeed.


Jara Jelissa said...

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Anonymous said...

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